7 Ways to Make Money Online Without Spending A Dime

one dimeOn these days that “making money online” is really popular and that there are many scams around, it is not so easy to find a legitimate and free way to make money online. Here i want to list together 7 methods of making money online, explaining how to get started in and to get the most from these free ways of making money online. Anyone who wants to make money online can instantly use these methods without spending a dime.

1. Completing Offer Online

Completing offers is an easy task that anyone can do. You don’t need any writing skill and special knowledge to do it.

The process of completing offer is pretty simple. You jut go to the website that is looking for people to sign up for their free offer, you fill out the form on the site, you confirm your email address and then you are done; you have completed an offer that will earn you money.

When you complete an offer, you just leave it and wait for the online company to approve it. Each approved offer will earn you $0.50 to $1.00.

There are also high paid offers that can earn you $5.00 to $50.00 per offer. But you need to enter your credit card details and probably get charged for a small fee when signing up for a high paid offer.

By completing 20 to 40 offers monthly, you can earn some good extra money every month.

Get paid to complete opportunity is only available to US, Canada and UK residents only.

Below are the top popular sites you can join to complete offers:

Treasuretrooper.com - Registration is required. Currently there are over one hundred thousand registered members. Inside Treasure Trooper you will be able to find hundreds of offers you can complete and earn money online. The majority are free offers that can be completed easily. These free offers range from $0.50 to $1.00 of earning. Payout is $20 by Check or PayPal. Treasure Trooper is a real paying site. Not a scam. They fisrt appeared on the internet five years ago.

CashCrate.com – Works very much similar with Treasure Trooper. Registration required. Have a lot of high paid offers. Payment only by check. Another real paying site.

If you enjoy signing up offers, you may do both in Treasure Trooper and Cash Crete. This certainly will earn you more.

Both sites also offer a referral program for members to earn more by referring new member in. The referral programs are opened to US and international members.

2. Make Money From AssociatedContent.com

The AssociatedContent.com is a big content network that welcomes anyone who is willing to participate and contribute with their contents on any topic. And thousands of people who are aware of this money making opportunity have been earning extra money by submitting articles to AssociatedContent.com.

AssociatedContent.com pays the members who submit in two ways:

1. Upfront Payment: A one time payment to the member for every article that the member submitted and got approved by AC. Usually $3 to $10 for each approved article. Only for US residents at the moment.

2. Performance Payment: It is the payment that varies according to the traffic that your published articles receive. The current rate AC offers is $1.50 per one thousand page views. This payment option works well with interesting articles that attract a lot of readers.

To have a better chance in getting your articles accepted for upfront payment, you should suggestedly write articles that will not lose value over time. How-to and guide articles are some of the good examples for upfront payment. And you should also do some research on AssociatedContent.com. Try to find topics that have not yet been oversaturated and then submit articles on these topics. These articles are more likely to get accepted for upfront payment.

As for performance payment option, it seems harder to earn money because you get only $1.50 per one thousand views. But there is a strategy you can use to take advantage for this option. The strategy is to keep submitting articles to AssociatedContent.com and to build a large collection of articles. Many of your articles will soon attract traffic and from time to time your articles may generate good traffic and earn you passive income of $20 -$50 each month.

3. Freelancing

The Internet is full of freelance working opportunities. Most of these freelance job opportunities were posted on the freelance service websites by the companies and entrepreneurs who need help in their businesses. this is a very good opportunity to make money online.

The freelance job opportunities daily posted in these freelance websites include article writing, programming, web design, editing, graphic design, online data entry, internet marketing, admin support, accounting, database management and many more. So you can search through these freelance websites to find the freelance jobs and projects that you can work for and make some extra money online.

How to Begin?
You may just start by becoming a member (freelancer) of Guru.com. You will be asked to create a profile including your experience, education, skill, etc. Then you can access the Guru.com job board to search for the freelance works that are right for you and bid for them. There will be other freelancers bidding the same jobs as well. So, make sure you set your price lower and write your proposal well. Anyone from Asia, Europe and US can join adnd become a freelancer at Guru.com

You can try Freelancefree.com and DigitalPoint Forum if it is hard for you to get a job on Guru.com because of the tough competition there. Freelancecefree works the same way as Guru.com does but the marketplace is smaller and so the competition is lower. Digital Point on the other hand is the largest webmaster forum. As a member of DigitalPoint, you can post ads about your freelance services and also find freelance works that you’re interested in the Buy, Sell or Trade section of the forum. There is also competition in DP forum, but getting works is easier.

4.Uploading Files

Probably you have heard of websites that let user upload files and make money whenever any of the files uploaded is downloaded by someone else. There are a lot of these file sharing websites offering this money making service. However, people are not interested in them because of the amount they offer per download is very low.

But, above all, Share Cash offers a considerable amount of money per download. Share Cash offers file uploaders $0.20 to $0.60 per download. It becomes $200 to $600 per 1,000 download. The pay rate is very much higher than most other file-sharing sites which usually offer only $1 to $3 per thousand download. If you have interesting files worth sharing on the Internet, why not share them through this site and earn more money for each download of your file.

How to Begin?
You need to become a member of Share Cash to upload files. Registration is fast and easy. All you need to do is fill out the short form at http://sharecash.org/register.php and then you can proceed to upload your files.

To get the most out of this service, you should upload something in which a lot of people will be interested. You may want to share your file with as many Internet users as you can  to maximize your profit. So, some marketing efforts are needed. You can try posting about it in related forums, invite your friends in social communities to download your file. All these can add your download up and so can your earning. You can read tips to get more download at http://sharecash.org/tips.php.

Not every download earns
According to the users who used this service, Share Cash is just looking for US and UK downloads. Downloads from other countries will not be counted as earning.

5. Sharing/Uploading Photos and Pictures

Do you have amazing, interesting or funny pictures? Or Are you passionate about photography? If so, you can make money from those pictures or passion of photography by uploading them to sites like Break.com and by using your photography skills. Once any of your photos get featured on Break.com, you will be paid $50 for the photo that Break.com choose to feature in their picture gallery.

You need to register at Break.com in order to upload photos. Registration is free and once you are done with registration, you can instantly begin uploading photos.

You may want to take a quick look at their gallery first-off in order to have an idea about  what sort of photos and pictures get featured usually. So, you won’t waste time uploading useless ones. As mentioned above, amazing, interesting and funny pictures and photos are the ones that Break.com like to feature in its Featured Gallery.

Make sure that the pictures you upload belong to you only and you are the sole owner of them. Otherwise, you wont get paid even if your picture gets featured.

This is not the only way to make money online with your pictures and photos. You can sell your them on sites like Shutterstock, IstockPhoto, BigStockPhoto, Fotolia, GettyImages, etc.,. From webmasters, web designers, graphic designers to magazine aditors; many people who are engaged in publishing field, pay these sites in order to use these photos. So, whenever someone chooses to use your photo, you will get paid. the more people use your photos, the more money you will earn.

6. Reviewing Services and Products

The internet users usually look for information about a product or a service before purchasing so as to make sure whether it is a wise decision to purchase or not. So, in this regard, they go to some shopping information sites where they can find useful data or info as to what to do.

These sites are inspired from the need of supporting information or reviews of products and services in order to help the internet user who cannot make a decision on their own. These reviews are quite reliable because they are written by people who have already tried or used the products or services. The shopping information sites would hope to publish new constant reviews. So, these sites welcome anyone who wants to contribute by submitting honest and straightforward reviews for the products or services they have used. Once a review is approved, submitter will be paid for each approved review.

This does not require a professional ability of writing, just be honest and straightforward and share your opinions and experiences about the product or service.

Below are three sites that pay for product reviews:

SharedReviews.com: First sign up and create a profile at SharedReviews.com. And then there you go, you can start reviewing anything. Once you have written and published your reviews, they will be read and voted by the people in the Shared Reviews community. Your reviews’ rank is dependant on the votes and traffic. The more votes and traffic to your review, the higher your rank is and the higher your earning would probably be.

ReviewStream.com: Unlike SharedReviews.com no registration or sign up is needed to submit reviews. Reviewers will be paid $2 per review. And also they will earn $0.1 per vote when each time a reader votes for reviews.

SoftwareJudge.com: Say your two cents worth, share your opinions and ideas about any software and online game you have tried, and get paid between $1 and $50 per approved review depending on the quality.

7. Paid Surveys

Paid surveys, in the short run, are not so profitable as they have been reflected on advertisements. As you might have seen on ads, advertisers go so far as to say that you can make a living by taking surveys. However, the truth about paid surveys is that you can earn extra money by taking surveys. Extra money that many of you will find unsatisfactory.

How to get started?
Simply go to a paid survey directory such as Yellowsurveys.com and then join as many market research companies listed in the directory as you can. In Yellowsurveys.com and some other directories you can reach these companies for free. Of course there are better directories like Make Money Taking Surveys, Survey Scout, Paid Surveys Etc.,… but you need to pay first to reach their listings. ( Click here for more info ).

The sign up process will take some time because there are many companies you need to join. Here i suggest you to join them all. Once you are done with signing up for all the companies, then it is time to wait paid survey invitation emails from these companies you have signed up for.

Who can join?
Anyone over 18 and residents of US and Canada. Most companies welcome any country but the paid survey invitations are often fit for US and Canada residents only.

Paid Survey is not for those who want to make money online fast but to make extra cash online. Patience is necessary in this kind of methods of making money online. You will take a few surveys for the first month and earn less than $10. But over time you will start taking more surveys and thus increase the amount of money you earn from paid surveys.

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