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Build A Niche StoreBuild A Niche Store ( shortly BANS ), is an online money making service that i find absolutely useful and creative. You will understand what i mean as you read the following lines.

Build A Niche Store, is a unique program that earns you comissions from the sale of eBay products and that completely differs from other online money making services. By exibiting the products of eBay on your online store set up by BANS you can earn extremely high comissions.

I think many of you has already been confused in relation to Build A Niche Store. But do not worry. You ll understand what BANS is and is not at the end of this post by reading carefully.

Build A Niche Store, is an affiliate program of eBay that provides automatic sales of eBay products in categories you choose through the online store which you have already set up with BANS.

Once you become a member of this service, the system offers you user friendly website tools that you will need in order to install an online store. These stores can be built in minutes with the tools that Build A Niche Store offers to the users. The store that you build, automatically loads the products of eBay in the categories you choose and immediately begins selling. In the case of selling or adding a new product, the system automatically detects this change and makes the necessary arrangements itself.


Build A Niche Store (BANS), is a service that allows webmasters to create their ownBans Schemaonline eBay stores using the products listed in eBay and to earn comissions from the sales made through these stores.

By using this service you earn money because you send traffic to eBay, and in addition you earn commissions if a pruduct in eBay is sold through your online store. So with the system you get two kind of earnings.

Good side of the system is, that you can reach the audience you target by listing just the products in your niche rather than thousands of irrelevant products on your online store.


The biggest misundertanding about Build A Nich Store is that it is believed to be a drop shipping system however irrelevant. BANS ( Build A Niche Store ) automatically loads the products in eBay to your online store and if the product is to be sold through your store, eBay pays you commissions for that. This is totally different from drop shipping system.

This system enables you to sell others’ products listed in eBay directly to the audience you target. That is, for products, it is definitely out of question to order from any wholesale or drop shipping company.

In addition, if a product that you listed on your online store is sold or a new product is added up to the category you chosed, the system detects it automatically and makes the updates necessary.

All you have to do is to advertise your online store and increase its rating. And BANS also helps you in regard to this issue.

Remember, the more you build online stores ( this system is extremely easy to build a store ) the more income you earn.

Build A Niche Store is a great service that converts ordinary internet users to businessmen who have online store chains. I must say it on that, no body should expect to become a millionaire by building an online store. Yet a few stores that you build may enable you make money that you have never hoped for by working so rarely.

I want to emphasize again that Build A Niche Store is totally different from drop shipping system. And additionally it is not only a website tool. One of the most important features of BANS is that it enables even ordinary internet users who have no programing knowlegde, to build online stores easily.

Note: Here are a few stores powered by Build A Niche Store;
Build A Niche Store
Build A Niche StoreBuild A Niche Store
Published on February 10, 10
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